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W e offer an extensive range of state of the art dentistry to take care of you and your health. This includes dental full cleaning, prosthetics, implants, filling therapy, dental aligner, any aesthetic treatments and much more. We are pleased to arrange appointments for you. Give us a call or use our online form.

Prophylaxe und Zahnbehandlung

Prevention und Dental Treatments

Check Up

We recommend to do a constant check up every 6 month, which reduces the risk of getting cavities, inflammations or any other possible negative transformations. It is much easier to prevent than to treat.

Full Cleaning

Full cleaning is an intensive cleaning of your tooth and its surrounding. It is a part of preventive dentistry and helps to reduce inflammations. Full cleaning is a private option - please ask our team to get further informations.

Filling Therapy

Filling therapy can be done with different materials considering the volume of the cavity and aesthetic requirements. We well explain everything in detail during our consultation.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment has to be done in case of inner infection of the nerv and its surrounding. It can be caused by different reasons. The treatment needs between one and three sessions (start, desinfection, filling)



Dental Crown

If we do have big defects caused by different reasons, your tooth can be covered and protected by dental crowns. The material can be chosen between different metal composites and ceramics.


Prostheses are the basic dental replacement in case of total loose of your tooth. It can be replaced or stabilised by implants. Please ask our team for further informations.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental implants can help to stabilise your prosthesis as well as replace or fill single gaps or work as under constructions for partial or full arch ceramic dental crown and bridges.

Ästhetische Zahnbehandlungen

Aesthetic Dental Treatments


Veneers are small ceramic surfaces which cover single spots for a better look or even all surfaces of your aesthetic dental zone.


Bleaching is a whitening process for your tooth which should be done in our dental practice. It makes them look much brighter. It is not damaging the surface if it is correctly and should be in close connection to a full cleaning, which has to be done first.

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